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Viagra: Product Information

Viagra is a drug that is given for impotency problems in men. One of the most effective drugs against erectile deficiency, Viagra is widely prescribed.

How Viagra works

Erection and blood flow is interlinked. Once the blood flow increases in the penile region, the penis gts god erection and the hardness remains for very long time. Viagra acts on the muscles in the penis and helps in the continuous flow of blood.

How Viagra has to be used

How Viagra has to be used

Once you have started taking Viagr pills, make sure that you adhere to the doctor’s direction. It is not good to take more than one Viagra pill a day; always take care that you take a viagra pill only after taking a pill 24 hours ago. Never go for larger aount of Viagra as it can only bring in many complications.

Viagra can be taken with food or in empty stomach. The pill has to be taken half an hour before engaging in sexual activity.

Discussing with the doctor

It is always better to use Viagra impotency pills afer consutling the doctor. When contacting the physician on your sex prroblems, better talk with him about all your problemsd related to your health.

It is better to inform the doctor if you have any issues related to the heart, high pressure or low pressure, liver problems, kidney problems, sickle cell anemia, leukemia, multiple myeloma, eye problems or any issues related to the penis.

What to avoid while taking Viagra

Alcohol and grapes should be avoided while using Viagra as they can increase the risk of side effects. When taking Viagra, be carefull of using other drugs. Viagra has to be avoided if you are using any nitrate filled medicines as these drugs have a tendency to lower the pressure, which could lead to stroke or a cardiac arrest.

More information while using Viagra

If you come across any uneasiness (dizziness, nausea, numbness, tingling in jaw, chest or arms) when engaging in sexual activity after using Viagra, better inform the doctor at once as these could lead to major complications.

You should also be cautious of prolonged erections. Once you experience long erections, lasting for more than 4 hours, you have to contact the doctor immediately as such erections can damage the penis.

Viagra is known to decrease the flow of blood into the optic nerve, which may lead to sudden vision loss. However, this condition has only occurred in people who had earlier eye problems or who were diabetic or who had high pressure. It has not yet been proved if Viagra is the real reason for this sudden vision loss.

Viagra Side effects

People using viagra may come across allergic reactions and also certain side effects. Some of the common allergies that can be seen in people include breathing problms, hives and swelling of lips, tongue, mouth and face.

The serious Viagra side effects include sudden vision and hearing loss, ringing in ears, chest pain, sweatig, pain spreading to arms/shoulder, ill feeling, nausea, irregular heartbeat and fainting.

Less serious side effects include redness (face, neck, chest), headache, stuffy nose, memory problems, back pain and stomach upset.

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Who Can Use Viagra?

When it comes to bedroom matters, many men want to appear they are the best and this shall boost their confidence and ego. You shall find men who lack good qualities in bed are

  • Shy to approach women
  • Evade the question of having sex
  • Have to live in humiliation due to erectile dysfunction

You can correct this and prove you can last for several hours and become the best in the bedroom department. You shall do this by simply taking the Viagra and you are good to go. Use it as directed but it is wise to consult your doctor for clearance in case you have any medical issues.

To get the benefit and enjoy your lovemaking, buy Viagra online or from any local chemist. If you looking for a Viagra in Australia, please visit to Viagra Australia site for getting a prescription.

People who want to last for longer hours

Some men want to prove they can last for many hours without losing it. These days, some men engage in different sexual activities and they want to satisfy several women at the same time, or want to show they have the zeal and power to remain erect for longer. This shall no longer be an issue since you only need to use the Viagra and you are good to last for several hours without fail. This is a good way of proving you are capable in bed and treat your partner to the best sexual satisfaction.

People suffering from erectile dysfunction

Some men cannot reach full maximum erection and this means they cannot perform in bed. When they become erect, it shall only last for some few seconds and they shall not have the urge of having sex again. This is a huge disappointment and it brings down the ego of many men. You no longer need to worry since you have the chance of using the Viagra. This shall go a long way in giving you maximum erection and you will get to perform for several hours without worrying about rising to the occasion early.

Men who cannot rise to the occasion

Some men sadly, cannot rise to the occasion and this is because to the issue of erectile dysfunction. You do not want to last a few seconds in bed each time you want to please your partner. You now have the chance of getting quality results when you decide to use Viagra. It shall get rid of all your issues or erectile dysfunction. This entails lasting for even hours when you have a full erection and get the opportunity of enjoying your sexual activity. You no longer need to shy away from sex since you have the chance of regaining your confidence and enhance your performance when you use this drug.

People who have stress but want to have fun

You will notice that many men want to have fun but they have buys schedules, which makes it very hard for them to relax, or even concentrate when they have sexual intercourse. Some men can attain a full erection when they are relaxed but when they are not settled it becomes hard. You do not need to worry since you can keep on with your good performance when you simply use Viagra. You can use this for the days you are low but you still want to please your partner.

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Are the Side-Effects Due to Sildenafil Temporary or Permanent?

Viagra has been regulating the market of sexual enhancement drugs for over 10 years and has helped a ton of men experience upgraded erectile ability. The alternative for conventional Viagra regimen and expanded half-life period has made it the most eminent pharmaceutical prescription for men who need to upgrade sexual stamina. In addition, with whatever other medication, clients of sildenafil are asked to look and read the guidelines said on the body sticker of the pill while consuming it. Also, managing the entire dosage and regimen with the help of an expert physician before taking the pill will help keep any unfavorable impacts out of sights.

Following are some of the common side-effects of taking Viagra:

  • Headache.
  • Sleepiness.
  • Stomach-ache.
  • Nausea.
  • Visual difficulties and blurred eyesight.
  • Flushed skin and hot flush.

Regardless of the way that it has been detailed point by point on the body stickers, yet there are circumstances where a couple of clients have experienced pain, abrading sensations, numbness in their arms, jaws, and neck while getting an ejaculation out of sexual acts in the wake of consuming sildenafil.

Sildenafil Side-Effects

Beside all these, various patients have raised issues concerning inappropriate and painful ejaculation after the usage of Viagra. They have mentioned that their sperm was either thin or the results will be extreme, uncommonly thick, yet in both cases, it differentiated by an extraordinary margin from its bona fide state. Priapism, a to a great degree anguishing condition in which the penis does not tend to come back to its normal, flaccid structure, notwithstanding taking after 4 hours, has in like manner has also been found in a couple subjects, as a response of sildenafil.

Distinctive side-effects of using sildenafil include outrageous pain at the upper limbs and the chest area, issues as for conventional breathing, comfort in the trunk area, swollen lips, throat, and diverse bits of the face.

Are these Side Effects Permanent?

Apart from these, one thing should be carefully noted that these side-effects don't wind up getting to be to an extraordinary degree and are not even excessively dragging out in nature. For example, most of these symptoms tend to vanish inside a few minutes subsequent to noticing. Customers who have experienced extreme back aches and muscle spasms tend to comprehend these by 12 to 15 hours consequent to taking the medication.

Regardless, various clients of Viagra have experienced that these signs are not related to sildenafil and are not initiated by them. These side effects are generally realized on account of the use of various pharmaceuticals at the same time with Viagra.

How Long does these Side-Effects Last in an Individual?

This tends to fluctuate from one individual to another, yet the greater part of the normal reactions will be short-lived and will not stay for a extended period after taking the medication. It has also been that these side-effects do not tend to last longer and will vanish once you have stopped your medication of Viagra.

A Brief History on Viagra

The Viagra came into the world in the year of 1988. Till this time, men used to suffer from erectile dysfunction all over the world and had very less possible treatment options for their condition. To know more about how the birth of Viagra modified the face of ED treatment, let us take a look at the options that were used to treat ED before the advent of the ‘wonder pill’.

It is considered that nearly 50% men undergo the condition of ED at some or the other point of their lives, but the accessible and effective treatment has been introduced only in the last 2 decades. Till the 1980s, people believed that the trouble in achieving and sustaining erections was due to anxiety. This resulted in psychotherapy being a primary treatment source, with therapy and counseling sessions used as methods of trying to treat the anxiety. The main problem with the use of psychotherapy is that it resulted in embarrassment in men and men became afraid of asking for any other help. Some men took it as a weakness due to which they lost their masculinity and in its place tried to treat the condition on their own.


After the 1980s people began to shift apart from psychotherapy & focused on the treatment of the physical causes of ED. The introduction of Self-injection gained a lot of importance and is used till date. Alprostadil and phentolamine both can be used as an injection for the penis. This induces erections.

However, these injections are also responsible for some serious side effects. The needle causes a physical distress leading to a dull ache and scarring. Moreover, using drugs directly on the penis produces a strong effect & can induce erections lasting too long (around 4 hours maybe).

Action of Viagra

What is the mechanism of action of Viagra? First, we should have a look at what this drug was designed to cure initially. As mentioned before, angina occurs due to the restricted blood circulation in the heart muscles. Likewise, erections are stopped when there is a restriction in the blood circulation to the penis. We can clearly see from here that how a drug formulated to reduce chest pain by the dilation of blood vessels resulted in erections in men; instead, the penile blood vessels dilated.

Safe Sex

It is very easy to use Viagra; one pill needs to be simply taken before an hour of intercourse. Moreover, the pill is small and so it is very easy to consume. Within the duration of 30 minutes to 4 hours after the intake of medicine, maintaining an erection becomes easier. The normal recommended dose for Viagra is usually 50mg, however, you can increase this up to 100 mg or decrease to 25 mg on the basis of efficacy or side effects. Some of them are dizziness, headache, and flushing.

Viagra is considered as a safe drug and because of the easy to use and safe nature, it is quite popular among men these days.

A Good Information Related To Impotence

Men have to face problems before starting sexual intercourse. Many of them become so nervous that it becomes very difficult for them to keep their penile erection for long time. Doctors advise psychological treatment to such men in order to decrease the effect of nervousness. Besides this, this treatment is also recommended to those who are facing mental stress. People also face problems in getting erection when they have mental stress. Well, if such situation is not consistent then you do not need to worry about it. But still you can talk to your about this problem. This may be the symptom of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of male to get erection when he wants to do sex. It does not mean that he can never have penile erection but if follows the advice of doctors carefully then he can improve his erection time easily especially when he is at the initial stage of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction

Have you ever wondered that many simple health problems are also the reasons of male impotence? Diabetes mellitus is a health problem which becomes active either due to unhealthy food or through genetics. But many doctors may not tell you that diabetes is also a cause of erectile dysfunction. It means you should prevent those eating items which can cause diabetes problem. Similarly, some other health problems like liver or kidney problem, spinal cord injury, heart disease and blood pressure are also the causes of sexual dysfunction. In order to prevent erectile dysfunction, you will have to try to avoid these causes.

In this article, I will also tell you about some other available methods which are adopted for sexual dysfunction treatment. Some of them just give temporary erection to the penis while some can cure but they are not suggested by good doctors. Those which give temporary treatment are electronic pump, psychological treatment and medicines. Well, all of these methods are better if they are used to get erection. In addition to this, surgical method is also used to treat sexual dysfunction of male but its results are not always positive. Doctors usually avoid asking a patient to go under surgical treatment. So this method is followed when a person is not going well after getting all other treatments.

Women also become impotent by some common causes like mental stress and accident. Mental stress decreases the libido of women and thus she does not feel comfortable in doing sex with partner. And if her ovary is damaged due to some kind of accidents then she might not be able to conceive like a normal woman. Many other things are also causes of female impotence. A good doctor can tell a female which things can increase the chances of becoming impotent. By knowing these causes, you can make changes in your life to prevent them. In this way, you will be able to do those activities which will help you in keeping a better health. You can get more information about it through internet as well.

You know about the present work condition of a normal person that he spends a lot of his time in office. The burden of office work does not allow him to enjoy with family and friends. Some people, who care about their health, like to do some activity in their leisure time. Many people go for a morning walk daily to make the body fit. Some people have joined the gym for physical strength. These all activities make the person perfect for every task. They remain fit and do not get any health problem. Those people who do not care about their health mostly get the health problems. Now many people are also getting the sexual problems and erectile dysfunction is one of them. This sexual problem is also known as man impotence. If you are a victim of this sexual problem then you have many options to choose the right medicine for its treatment. There are three medicines which are extensively used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but Viagra is best in all of them.

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